URC-119 Transceiver
    System Case
P/N: TMS940710

  • Standard O.D. Green, rotationally molded container includes a 19" E.I.A. shock
        mounted rack.
  • All hardware is black lusterless stainless steel.
  • Airtight design with full gasketing and PRV.
  • Also includes a set of four 3.5" removable casters, store-in-lid kit for the casters.
  • A 22"x16" cable storage pouch.
  • A 25" sliding shelf for mounting of 2KY-99's and power supply.
  • Lid hangers for storage of lids on the side of case.
  • Custom polyethylene foam insert has cavities for the equipment.

  • URC119 Antenna Case(radio case also available)
    URC119 Antenna Case