TMS, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of custom military storage and transit container systems. Our specialty is the design of deployable combat packaging. Our goal is to provide the highest level of protection and durability for the equipment, coupled with superior utilization in the field. Portability, size, weight, palletization, stackability, and cost are considerations given every design.

This web site highlights some of our most popular designs. Please call for further information or request our design sheet for the application.

TMS accepts IMPAC, MasterCard, and VISA orders. Designs can be ordered via DD form 1348-6 and Air Force form 2005. When ordering, please specify the design number, case color and any special options you require. Include a copy of our Container Specifications to assure design compliance. Custom designs are our specialty! Please call us toll-free on your custom requirements or fill out our Custom Design form.

TMS is registered with Central Contracting Registration (CCR)