Table Size List Summary

TMS Number Size in Inches Leg Style Color
TMS983510 18x60 H Leg Brn
TMS983511 18x72 H Leg Brn
TMS983512 18x96 H Leg Brn
TMS080486 24x60 H Leg Brn
TMS080487 24x72 H Leg Brn
TMS080488 24x96 H Leg Brn
TMS983514 30x60 H Leg Brn
TMS983515 30x72 H Leg Brn
TMS983516 30x96 H Leg Brn
TMS030472 30x48 Indiv Brn
TMS030590 36x60 H Leg Brn
TMS030591 36x72 H Leg Brn
TMS030592 36x96 H Leg Brn

   Lightweight Girder
     Beam Aluminum Tables

  • Top panels, cross bracing, and end caps of the tables are high strength allow
        6063-T6 extruded aluminum with a smooth powder coat finish for extra long life.
  • The top surface of the table is .080" thick with intragal stiffener ribs for
        superior strength.
  • The powder coated finish is extremely durable and provides the best protection
        available against scratching, peeling and abrasion.
  • The tabletop will support up to 1600 lbs of distributed weight.
  • All aluminum legs are tested to exceed 1100 lbs of direct weight.

  • Heavy Duty Lightweight Aluminum Table
    Girder Beam 1
    Girder Beam 2
    Girder Beam 3